Perna - Phantasmagoria

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    From a galaxy far far away, Perna has come back with a trio of effects that are some of the most groundbreaking material that the community will see thus far.

    This material has helped Perna get gigs and get signed to residencies which Perna works at currently!

    In this manuscript, you will learn:

    Opul Card: This is an iteration of the amnesia card plot where it involved no hypnotic technique. The participant chooses a playing card and remembers it but when the participant looks at it again they believe that they are not looking at their card!

    Fornimity: A participant takes half of the deck and thinks of a card in that half. The performer tells the participant that the performer put that card in their head. To prove this, the participant spreads their half and the card that they just saw before is not there!

    Esculinious: This is a technique to allow the participants to generate a list of objects on the Notes app and the performer can force any object that they want!

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