Perna - 202 101

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    202 Methods of Forcing is one of Perna's favorite manuscript that they always look back to. In this manuscript, you will be learning some diabolical techniques which were inspired by forces in this peice of literature.

    In this manuscript, you will learn:

    Priviness: Imagine being able to have a participant walk over into a corner of a room, remove a playing card from the deck, place it in their pocket, and shuffle the deck up. Without any questions or fishing, the performer is able to reveal what card was taken out of the deck!

    Amuroticity Force: The participant write a bunch of items on billets, fold them up, and place them in a hat. With an empty hand, the performer is able to force exactly the item that they want!

    Closet of Tombstones: As seen in 'Avarice'. This is Perna's impromptu version of the Anverdi Dice. The participant rolls the dice and opens up their hand, and remembers one of the numbers, The performer can now reveal that number in any way! This can be done with any dice and can be a way to transition into anothe effect of your choice!

    This manuscript is to show how Perna took these classic ideas and flip them on their head. Not only that, but to show the importance of why it is necessary to read the classics.

    Get 202 101 today!

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