P. Peterson - Something Very Strange

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    Lets explore the avant-garde of Mystery Performance.

    Normally in Magic or Mentalism we perform "effects", but in this new work you will learn a fascinating approach to create mysterious moments and experiences.

    Predict random outcomes
    Read minds at distance
    Move objects with your mind
    and more!

    No gimmicks, no props!

    Welcome to "Something Very Strange" by P. Peterson, a young revolutionary creator that offers 13 "mysterious happenings" for the XXI Century. Inspired by the work of Tony "Doc" Shields and Tony Andruzzi, you will learn how to design true miracles and expand your potential as Mystery Performer.

    In this book you will learn powerful psychological techniques and reality-crafting approaches so you can create not just routines, but legends.
    Only for the serious open-minded student of Magic and Mentalism

    Table of Content

    What is a Mysterious Happening?

    The art of reality-crafting

    The science of reality-crafting

    13 Mysterious Happenings

    1. Levitate
    2. Telekinesis
    3. Be Oracle
    4. Telepathy at distance
    5. Hypnotic Openness
    6. Uri
    7.PK Hug
    8. Be Medicine
    9. Body/Mind Connection
    10. Natural Self
    11. Inevitable Bliss
    12. Energetic Presence
    13. Libertas

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