Lecture & Competition

Teller - Teller Talks
Richard Turner - Lecture in France
Dove Lecture Note
six lecturers - A relay lecture
Harry Lorayne - Magical Classics
Craig Petty - Kidology 2010
Jim Cellini - Slydini Lecture
Caleb Wiles Lecture - The Magic Session
eight lecturers - A relay lecture
Max Maven's Res - Cue EMC
Miguel Angel Gea - Lecture SIAB
Nathan Kranzo - Extreme Magic Seminar
Derek Dingle - Dingle's Delights
Daryl - Magic Castle Lecture
Greater Magic Video Library 33 - Paul Daniels
Soma - How to Win at FISM
Jon Armstrong - Too Lazy To Write Up Notes
Carlos Vaquera - The Carlos Vaquera 2nd Lecture
Rudy Tinoco - The HaLo Project Vol 1
Various Artists - Online Lecture