John Lovick - Mayhew - What Women Want

John Lovick - Mayhew - What Women Want

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John Lovick - Mayhew - What Women Want


Steve Mayhew has been a widely respected and groundbreaking close-up performer for many years. His presentations and magic have long been recognized for their pronounced originality by those who have seen him perform and who have read the few of his tricks that have appeared in . hard-to-get publications Mayhew's material is being performed by some of the world's most respected card magicians All those tricks and many previously unpublished ones are collected here in their newest forms many with full presentations:. six generous chapters of card tricks gambling routines and sleights.

MY THOUGHTS: I love magic books I grew up on magic books I started magic long before the age of videos dvds and downloads I love the feeling of discovery one has with the turn of every page I love flipping through a book.... reading the "effect" and envisioning myself doing the routine with audiences laughing and smiling in amazement. I remember the days when you would anxiously wait for the next release from Kaufman L & L or Hermetic Press. Unfortunately those days have all but vanished. We are treated to fewer and fewer books each year. The age of the DVD and download are upon us.

I have to admit until this book I knew nothing of Steve Mayhew. I did not know his reputation for great card material or his whacked out sense of humor. I literally went into this with no expectations. Apparently I've not been privy to the world of underground card magic. I've since learned that Mayhew has quite the reputation and I've missed a lot ...

At first I was slightly disappointed as it seemed this was going to be a collection of ace routines and assembly variations. However that initial feeling passed quickly. Here was a collection of inspired card magic with fresh humorous and sometimes whacky presentations. Mayhew (as he is called in the book to distinguish himself from the other "Steve's" in his area) has a knack for creating card magic and presentations that pack a punch. He's no stranger to difficult sleight of hand and often uses it to great advantage . so be prepared to work The book starts with ace productions and routines moves into gambling demos and continues with. "Not Dealer Demos - Dealing Demos" (whatever that means) Here the reader will discover Mayhew's famous "Freedom" routine as well as several variations (a side note - Derek Delgaudio once completely destroyed me with Alan Ackerman's version of this routine - thankfully included here).. The book continues with a chapter on sleights including Steve's work on the dribble pass a section on culling and a decent deck switch (which I've used successfully several times). We are eventually treated to a large chapter on Mayhew's original card magic. This is hard hitting inspired card magic with varied plots and fun presentations. I can easily see many of these routines (and others in the book) making their way into the repertoires of magicians everywhere. While many routines do require some heaving duty sleights there's still a large group that do not. Good news for card workers everywhere. The book closes with a money trick of all things. This is a cool routine where he has combined several ideas into one long routine where money changes over and over. A great way to close the book.

Mayhew - What Women Want was written by the amazing John Lovick and produced by the Hermetic Press with their high attention to detail Its filled with more than 100 photos that were clearly shot and reproduced in black and white..

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I immediately learned "Freedom" as this was the routine so many people talked about What a great routine that's fun to do While not terribly easy it packs a punch I recently performed it at a trade show and a formal... close up performance where it literally nailed the spectators and established my reputation as a card expert. (I'm really not a card expert but my audience sure thought I was). Some standout routines are "Lazy Man's Ten-Card Poker Deal " If " " A Balloon A Cartwheel and a Pony Ride " " Look At Me Look At Me " " The Transpo Grippo ".

FINAL THOUGHTS: While much of the material requires a solid toolbox of card sleights including the second deal double deal and more there are plenty of routines for card magicians with less experience If you love well written books featuring original card magic and fun presentations. buy this book. If you love the feeling of discovering something new and exciting with the turn of the page you will not be disappointed. Buy this book!


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