Jeff Blum - Stand Up and Deliver

Jeff Blum - Stand Up and Deliver

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Jeff Blum - Stand Up and Deliver

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Jeff Blum is a professional magician who specializes in stand-up magic and mentalism that can be presented up close as well as in the largest auditoriums. On this DVD you get to see him perform his favorite creations in front of a live house party and then explain everything in great detail. Along the way he gives many real world tips and strategies explaining how he earns his full time living using stand up magic and mentalism.

Routines performed and explained:

  • Sucked In : A deck is visibly sucked into a balloon and is visibly shuffled while inside the inflated balloon The first signed selection is then plucked out of the deck Amazingly the second signed selection appears folded inside your shoe...
  • Finger Vision : A spectator thinks of any television show and you read their mind This uses and outstanding presentation and an easy and logical method for performing a center tear..
  • Bill To Bagel : A spectator is given a paper bag for safekeeping A signed one-dollar bill is transformed into a ten-dollar bill The ten-dollar bill changes into a large $ 100 silk The spectator then opens the bag to find some dough -... actually a bagel. Inside the bagel is his signed one-dollar bill.
  • Three s Company : Three predictions are made and three cards are selected under increasingly more difficult conditions Of course all the predictions match the selected cards..
  • Sox In Box : A signed card disappears from the deck while in the spectator's hands The card is then found inside a sealed and stapled envelope which was inside a rolled up rubber banded pair of socks which were inside the smallest of three nested boxes..
  • Dream Reality : An envelope with a description of a dream you had is given to a spectator to hold Then three random events occur ... a card is chosen a matchbook is selected from a bag full of them a word is chosen from a paperback novel.. When the envelope is opened the dream matches all three random events.
  • Birthday Surprise : Using body language as a premise you guess the spectator's freely chosen card and their birth date.

A Meir Yedid Magic product Original release date:. February 2008.

Running Time Approximately 195min


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