Geraldine Conrad Larsen - The Diary of a Magician's Wife

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    Stevens Magic is proud to be able to reprint a classic that will resonate with magicians and their families... Originally illustrated by Tom Lawless, and recently re-illustrated by Magic's own talented performer and illustrator - Joseph Gabriel.

    The Diary of a Magician's Wife is a one-year diary of living with a magician.

    "DON'T MARRY A MAGICIAN," advised the mother of Geraldine Larsen. "They are always up to tricks!" But marry she did, despite maternal advice. The mother of the famous brothers who started the Magic Castle, Milt and Bill Larsen, grew up with a father, Bill Larsen, Sr., who was a lawyer and an amateur magician. When Geraldine took up the art, it is no wonder that magic was in their blood!

    Geraldine was not only a magician's wife, but also a puppeteer of note, a writer of magic, and the only lady editor of a magazine devoted wholly to the art of magic. Her publication, "Genii," is still alive and well today and has subscribers all over the world.

    She was charming and clever as both a magician and entertainer. Stuart Robson, stage manager for the Ziegfeld follies, said "If he [Ziegfeld] was living, he would recognize her charm and glorify her act in the follies!" As dexterous as she was petite, Geraldine was magic's First Lady at that time. She titled herself Mrs. Lotta Hocus in this book.

    Here, "exposed" for the first time (1941), is what magicians' wives or girlfriends must suffer - not always in patient silence. The closely guarded "secret" of what goes on in the mind of the magician's humble helper is revealed at last. (And it is the same today as almost 80 years ago.)

    The "effect" of magical effects upon the peace and harmony of the household is conjured up for your entertainment. This book lays bare the heart of the innocent victim of "Watch this, dear." Every wife who has been obliged to suffer in silence while her husband monopolized the guests with his latest "take a card" trick will shed tears with Mrs. Lotta Hocus. Every person who reads this most amusing account of their experiences will find both Mr. and Mrs. Hocus very human and enjoyable.

    (This fabulous book will make every magic reader laugh and cry - they will certainly see themselves as they read this incredible diary.)
    • This book has NO tricks! NO Secrets! Nothing but the truth!
    • You will enjoy the wit and passion that Geraldine put down on paper many years ago!
    • You want to be entertained?
    • You want to see yourself reflected here?
    • You want to laugh?
    • READ THE BOOK! Almost 100 pages of the everyday life of a magician's wife!
    • Book features 106 pages including many never-before-seen images and photos.
    "I was the wife of a magician for thirty-three years. This is the story I've always wanted to see written. Mrs. Hocus could have been any one of us."
    - Mrs. Harry Houdini

    Editor's note: (Gerri Larsen was a participant in the world-wide final Houdini S
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