Jason Palter - The Space Between

Jason Palter - The Space Between

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Jason Palter - The Space Between

Demonstration effect :

Amazing prophecy effect , perfectly suited with all the props on stage or close-range performances, performances can be used to check please the audience .

Magician come up with a completely sealed envelope , into the hands of the audience , and explain this is prophecy , then ask the audience casually draw a distance , you can freely draw probably about 1-3 meters , and then use a ruler to measure specific distance , here Suppose the audience draw distance 176 cm , opened the envelope is actually written inside this figure 176 cm . Performing during magician moved in envelopes, open also by the viewer to complete, from the ruler is displayed to be confirmed by the audience.

Possess the power to predict the space between any two objects!

There are MANY performance possibilities.


Some can move things with their minds. Some can read a person's thoughts. But you have a very strange and obscure power. You can predict the space between two randomly placed objects-even before they are arranged. You display a sealed prediction envelope with the words "Space Between" written across it. The spectator is given two objects and told to place them apart, at random positions. They are allowed to change their mind and the positions as often as they like. When they are satisfied, the distance between the two objects is precisely measured, using a standard tape measure. The length is announced out loud. You recap what they did, explaining there are thousands of possible outcomes. Then the prediction envelope is opened, and the number written down is the EXACT measurement that the spectator just called out!

Picture the incredible possibilities:

  • Foretell the personal space or "comfort zone" of a random spectator!
  • Predict the random distance between a husband and wife as they stand with you on stage (huge comedy potential here)!
  • Demonstrate your amazing vision by stating with precise accuracy, the distance between two randomly placed objects!
  • Imagine all of this - and much more!

Some key points to remember:

  • The spectator arranges the objects, and they can adjust the distance as often as they like.
  • There are no moves, no difficult sleights, no switches and everything may be examined.
  • The effect can be repeated for the same audience using a completely different measurement with different distances.
  • Can be done close-up or on stage.
  • Includes many different performance ideas and scripts, including versions where the spectator determines the predicted measurement.
  • Easy to do, and perfect for all magicians and mentalists.

Comes complete with Imperial / Metric measuring tape, routines and scripts, instructional DVD, and the 'special something' that makes this miracle work!


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