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Derren Brown - Messiah

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"Brown playing the world " (Derren Brown: Messiah). This one-hour program originally in the January 7 2005 in the UK Channel 4 broadcast . Content is the record of a recent controversial British magician Derren Brown went to the United States five authoritative Fun mysterious power groups. His pseudonym training were several super powers to school expert Christian priest who had been aliens straps New Age scholars and said he had some kind of psychic force of the energy sector and its skillful use of magic and psychology learning skills (Brown famous good long read minds and thought misguided ) shows that the protoss and take the constituency . Results authority five constituencies are deceived him and watch their constituency wants a magazine or television program access and recommended him .

This program is the most controversial nature Brown to demonstrate its "super power" in front of a Christian pastor ( the distance pushed / pulled down ) so the spot more than a dozen atheists acknowledge the existence of God so who is also pastor of admiration. Trailer has a caption indicates that after each show have attended Unitarian reveal the truth so that they respond atheistic stance. Brown has said it is still warm in more than twenty years old Christian preacher but then began to slowly realize that all beliefs including Christianity super powers New Age and through the media and other fact no different in fact nor their personal beliefs than the quirky the New Age theory much stronger . An end piece is more access there is a man that religion is the most profitable business.

Shown on 7 January 2005 Derren Brown travelled to the United States to try to convince five leading figures that he had powers in their particular field of expertise: Christian evangelism alien abduction psychic powers New Age theories and contacting the dead .

Using a false name each time he succeeded in convincing four of the five "experts" that he had powers and they openly endorsed him as a true practitioner. The fifth expert the Christian evangelist Curt Nordheilm whilst impressed by Derren's performance asked to meet him again before giving an endorsement. The concept of the show was to highlight the power of suggestion with regard to beliefs and people's abilities and failure to question them. Brown made it quite clear with each experiment that if any of the subjects accused him of mind control or trickery he would immediately come clean about the whole thing a rule similar to one of the self-imposed rules of the of the perpetrators Project Alpha hoax. His conclusion was that people tend to hear only things that support their own ideas and ignore contradictory beliefs.

Psychic Powers

Derren Brown asked a leading figure at a psychic training school to go into another room and draw a number of simple pictures on any topic she wished. After each picture had been completed Derren would have his prediction of what the picture was written down by the other members of the training school in the room with him. He was 100% correct. On one occasion when Derren was telling the participant to draw the next picture he instructed the lady to "let some ideas sail into your mind" and not to go " overboard on detail ". She drew a boat in water.

New-Age Theories

Derren Brown instructed a leading new-age theorist to sleep with a machine attached to her pillow for five days. She was told that this machine used crystal technology to record her dreams. In fact it was simply a box with a switch which turned a LED on and off. Derren recalled the dreams correctly including the fact that some were in black-and-white instead of colour. The participant was so impressed that she invited Derren to appear on her radio show the next day which he declined.

Christian Evangelism

Derren performed instant conversions on a group consisting of members of the public all of whom were atheists . After the first instant conversion many of the group chose to leave concerned by what they had just witnessed. Derren then proceeded to convert another individual and then the remainder of the group at once. In each case he caused the participants to at least accept the possibility that there was a God when previously they had all refused to do so. At the end of the show a notice on screen announced that the participants had all been "de-converted" before they left.

  Contacting the Dead

Derren believes that all successful mediums use a technique called cold reading . To illustrate this he arranges a clairvoyant demonstration with "fairly sceptical New Yorkers " . During the s ance Derren tricks three women into believing that he is in contact with deceased loved ones and many tears are shed. Afterwards it was explained to the participants that it was a trick and those appearing allowed the broadcast.


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