Cups & Balls & Eggs & Dice Magic

Tony Jackson - Bokor Mambo
Rua` - Magic Heart team - Papercup
Bruno Copin - Crazy Ball
Antonio Romero - The Transparent Cups
Bob Kohler - The Golden Shells
Kreis Magic - Perfect Egg
Henry Mayol - Pocket Ball
Rafael Benatar - Elegant Cups And Balls
Tony Clark - Paper Balls Over The Head 2200
Reed McClintock - The Ivory Connection
Carl Andrews - Table Hopping Cups And Balls
Dean Dill - Jamie's Trick
Terry Ward - The Art of Play
Dean Dill - Coins Through Table
Michael O'Brien - Strolling Chop Cup
Extreme Dice Stacking with Gerry
Leo Smetsers - Concierge
Danny Orleans - AmazeCups
Steve Dacri - Sponge Ball Toolbox