Close up Tricks & Street Magic

Matan Len - FoldMove
J.T. Chalatsis - No Bacco
Susie Donald - Homestyle Japanese Cooking
Eric James - Crayon Trans-Billet
Dan Alex - Paper Shed
Jack Griggs - Chinese Mat Magical Production Tube
Jhony Zam and Tumi Magic - Delicious Change
Sean Fields - Northbound
Arnel Renegado - Haunted Pad
Paul Romhany - Merge
Black Magic - Prohibition
Smagic Productions - Visual Box
Jibrizy Taylor - Quick Clip 2.0
Alex Moffat - Illusion Through Expectation
Michael O'Brien - Tu Tu Transpo
Spencer Tricks - CCDP
Peter Eggink - Millionaire
Daniel Bryan and Mystique Factory - Thru
The Weekly Episode 20 starring Kyle Marlett