Chris Korn Penguin Live Online Lecture 2

Chris Korn Penguin Live Online Lecture 2

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What will he teach?
Kennedy Said So- Chris's handling of the translocation plot where coins vanish from one side of the table and reappear on the other.

A Time For Outs- A Triumph style routine where a number between one and five is called for. The magician leads the audience down the garden path shuffling face up into face down with some very convincing displays, before finally restoring the deck to face all the same way except for the four of a kind that matches the number called for.

One Jack Off- A production of an apparently called for four of a kind, followed by a transposition effect where a selected card vanishes from between the four of a kind only to jump into the spectator's pocket and then again change places with the four of a kind. This is deceptive impactful card magic.

Tell Me I'm Wrong- Korn's approach to the classic two card transposition where the audience tells you where the cards should be only for them to trade places.

One to the Tenth Power- A masterpiece coin flurry that top pros have been calling on him to release for years. This gimmick free, pure sleight of hand routines is a knuckle buster, but you'll learn everything that makes this what the best coin workers in the business have been wanting to learn. One coin is introduced, and vanished and reappears at the performer's will. It jumps from elbow to elbow, visually vanishes from one hand only to appear in another. Suddenly the magician splits the coin, then produces another and then four... five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten coins in rapid succession before every single coin vanished in an instant. It's a masterpiece and Korn is finally tipping all of the work.

Beginnings, Middles and Ends- These are the tips and touches that can be added to existing tricks. These are practical ways to make your routines or tricks more powerful.
Chris teaches how to steal and load stacks of coins off a table right under the audience’s nose. Also, a super clean backfire sequence that plays with sound in ways you’ll use to kill your audiences.
Back to the cards for a moment where you’ll learn one of the most powerful applications of the Rub a Dub vanish where the card vanished from underneath your spectators hand.

Finally Chris teaches something he's held onto for twenty years: it's his method for making your audiences actually feel an object appearing inside their hand.


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