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Jay Sankey - Supernatural

Jay Sankey make another calendar , supernatural SUPERNATURAL, Sankey revealed some close-up magic and mind , not just poker tactics and magic coins . There are more magical effect inside this teaching . For example straw wear caps and so on . A total of there are 16 new supernatural effect . absolutely close-up magic is another masterpiece !

This is without a doubt one of the most powerfully stimulating collections of magic and mentalism Jay has ever released! The sixteen killer routines include knock-out effects with steel bolts, monopoly money, ping pong balls, drinking straws, bottle caps, dollar bills, glass capsules, business cards, fortune cookies, paperclips, notepads, packing bubbles, finger rings and more! And most of them Jay is revealing here the very first time!

A spectator initials an Alka-Seltzer tablet with a magic marker. The tablet is slowly dissolved in a glass of water. You drink every drop. A minute later you impossibly cough up the tablet, complete with spectator's initials! I have performed this showstopper in bars and restaurants but it is especially strong at a party where I am NOT booked to perform. It totally blurs the line between "performing magician" and "scary supernatural individual!"

A spectator twists a twist-tie into a small, tight loop and then you link it onto your finger ring! The SPECTATOR can untwist the tie and remove the ring. For the very first time I share the complete professional presentation with the all-important psychological pointers.

Great for kids, but I also toss it into my sets when working corporate gigs. A small, flat envelope is introduced. You slip out of the envelope a flat white disc and call it a "deflated ping pong ball." A moment later it's a REAL PING PONG BALL! Then you flattened it and slip it back into the envelope (and finish with empty hands!) The routine really FLOWS. Easy and beautifully VISUAL. I've done it in complete silence or while pattering about some silly nonsense . It hits people in a way that card and coin tricks just can not.

One of the most practical and powerful "bits of mentalism" I've released in quite a while. Your name and the names of two other spectators are written on slips of paper and they are mixed up. With no equivoque or moves, the spectator "with some psychic ability" is able to choose the correct slip for all three of you! Very strong, clever structure. And again, easy! One of my very favorite mentalism warm-up effects.

I shared this routine in my monthly e-newsletter several months ago and received a ton of positive e-mails. You send one of those small white plastic tags from a loaf of grocery store bread BACK IN TIME, three times in a row. And at the end, even the 'best before date' changes! Mind-blowing "impromptu" work.

Another effect I've been keeping to myself for years. The Mismade Bill concept is great, but it would even be better if, every time you perform the effect you could GIVE THE SCREWED UP BILL AWAY AS A SOUVENIR! Well, now you CAN ! And you are going to really like the no-nonsense handling.

You divine the fortune in a FREELY SELECTED fortune cookie. Do this one at the right time and place and it will MAKE your reputation!

Inspired by a Paul Harris idea, three bolts are balanced on top of each other, one at a time. Then, all three bolts are magically EPOXY GLUED together and can be immediately handed out for examination!

Without a doubt one of the best routines on the dvd! A drinking straw is stabbed through the middle of a bottle cap, then the cap is slowly pulled off the end of the straw and allowed to fall directly into a spectator's OWN HAND. The moment the cap hits the spectator's palm, it instantly HEALS ITSELF! And yes, both the cap and the straw can be immediately examined! I've seriously fried people with this handling at private parties using a BORROWED cap and a BORRWED straw, and that's all people talked about for the rest of the night!

A paperclip is completely bent out of shape and then mysteriously regains its original shape in an INSANELY VISUAL FASHION!

Another off-the-hook mentalist effect. Several small envelopes are introduced with paper money from a different country in each envelope. The spectator merely THINKS of one of the bills (and again, it is a FREE choice) and the spectator imagines that bill getting warmer and warmer ... when the spectators open all the envelopes they find that only one of the bills has been REDUCED TO ASHES! The bill the spectator was concentrating on! And everything can be examined! I've closed plenty of "intimate performances "with this one.

Funky magical fun! Perfect for the less than totally SERIOUS or DRAMATIC performer. A spectator pops all the bubbles on a small square of packing bubble material, but with just a wave of his hand the magician causes all the popped bubbles to impossibly REFILL WITH AIR

An outstanding stand-up routine involving a two-phase bill switch handling and a packet of Monopoly "Chance" cards. And again, a killer VISUAL ending!

A startling transposition between the two halves of a torn piece of paper. In the last few years this has become one of my very favorite "in the spectator's hands" effects. Super easy to do (really just ONE MOVE!) And it even automatically re-sets itself !!!

A slip of paper with the correct prediction literally APPEARS inside a small glass vial. This is a concept with unlimited potential and applications. Laypeople always experience it as REAL MAGIC!

The final effect on the SUPERNATURAL dvd is an extremely simple and marvelously powerful mentalist effect with business cards. You draw a large "X" on the back of one of your own cards and mix it into the stack. But somehow, when the spectator FREELY chooses any one of the business cards, they discover they've chosen the one with the X! (And there really is only ONE X on the back of ONE CARD in the entire stack!) Another dead easy handling combined with a wonderfully commercial premise


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